SEAC Life and Honorary Members

The following have been awarded Life or Honorary Membership. 

Life Members are past Professional Members who may or may not currently practice structural engineering but who, as a result of past membership in and service to SEAC, are granted Life Membership. Life membership shall require a written request by any other member of SEAC submitted to the Board of Directors for their approval.
Rhuel Andersen (deceased)Jerry GrayJim Harris
Dave HoudeshellBob HunnesClifford Johnson (deceased)
Ib Falk JorgensenMilo Ketchum (deceased)Allan J. Locke (deceased)
Bob Nedell (deceased)Orley Phillips (deceased)Wally Prebis
Don PyleJ. W. Sallada (deceased)Mort Solomon (deceased)
Ray StewartRobert Voiland (deceased)Stan Neujahr
Bruce WolfeR. Wayne MuirJerry Maly
Brent NorrisGreg Black 

Honorary Members are those persons who have:
1.) Achieved acknowledged eminence in some branch of engineering or the science related thereto, or
2.) Contributed outstanding service to the profession of structural engineering and SEAC.
  • Kurt H. Gerstle (deceased)
  • Robert Thompson
  • Jon Peterka (deceased)
  • Bruce Ellingwood