Seismic Committee

Committee Chairs:

Rob Jackson, Chair. Amentum, Phone: 303-870-9334, Email:
Deniz Uludag, Vice-Chair, Martin-Martin, 402-594-7651, Email:

To assist SEAC members with issues related to seismic analysis and design in Colorado, advocate for seismic resilience, provide liaison with the NCSEA Seismic Committee and  represent committee consensus in national code development processes.
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March 1st Meeting Notes
November 30th Meeting Notes
The Colorado Earthquake Hazard Mitigation council (CEHMC) meetings are held on the third Thursday of every other month. Currently meetings are remote using Zoom. Any interested parties are welcome to attend the meetings.

Link to CEHMC:
Link to Colorado Geological Survey:
Committee Updates
In 2021, the Committee developed a position paper which was endorsed by vote of the SEAC membership. The paper encourages the use of a minimum of Seismic Design Category B for Risk Category II and higher buildings.

Position Statement on Seismic Safety

As in prior code cycles we will vote as a Professional Organization on the NEHRP code provisions developed by the Building Seismic Safety Council Provisions Update Committee (PUC). The PUC is developing the 2026 NEHRP Recommended Seismic Provisions as part of the  ASCE 7 code cycle. The balloting will start this year, 2024.
The SEAC Seismic Committee also assists the City and County of Denver in adoption of the  International Building Code with Denver Amendments. The SEAC Building Department Committee will facilitate this process and obtain input from the SEAC Seismic Committee. The next cycle should start in 2024.